Burt Bertram, Ed. D.

Counselor, consultant, and professor, Dr. Burt Bertram has been in practice in the Orlando area since 1972. His professional efforts focus on assisting individuals, couples, families and workgroups to productively identify, understand and address the issues that are influencing or shaping their lives. In that regard, Burt is most professionally satisfied when he is helping resolve sensitive, complex, and important “people-related” issues.

Counselor: The focus of his counseling practice is on assisting individuals, couples, and families. His approach to counseling involves creating a safe environment where clients can identify and come to understand the real issues that are affecting them…where they can learn new and more effective ways of thinking, feeling and responding…and where they can productively communicate, problem-solve and resolve conflict.

Consultant: In the business environment team building, group planning, creative thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution are his areas of expertise. Burt has consulted with and/or provided training to over one hundred work groups, teams, and organizations representing corporations, government, professional and trade associations, as well as community organizations. He has facilitated leadership teams, boards and community groups to articulate a vision for the future; to create action plans and/or annual goals; to understand and accept change; to open dialogue and resolve conflict; and to improve communication and teamwork. As a facilitator of “stakeholder dialogue” Burt regularly assists diverse groups to gain a broad perspective on important issues.

Professor: In additional to his counseling and consulting practice, Dr. Bertram is Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Studies in Counseling Program at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida where, since 1993, he has supervised students during their practicum and internship and taught counseling related graduate courses in individual/group counseling skills, family and couples counseling, counselor ethics, and consultation.

Dr. Bertram is past-president of the Florida Counseling Association, the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association and the Central Florida Association for Marriage & Family Therapy. Burt received a Doctorate in Counselor Education (Ed.D.) from the University of Florida. He has completed the Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediation Training program and is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

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