Burt Bertram, Ed. D.

I have spent most of my professional life as a practitioner and teacher but from time-to-time I have taken the opportunity to write. Sometimes I have attempted to communicate to general audiences what I have learned as a counselor and consultant…other times I have sought to contribute to the on-going pursuit of knowledge in my field. I am proud of the two books I have co-authored and also pleased to offer a selection of articles that I hope you may find of interest.

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Everything Makes A Difference
- Burt Bertram & Jeanne Moon

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is a compilation of 52 essays on contemporary living that I wrote. The essays are accompanied by 52 poems written by poet Jeanne Moon. The essays and the poetry tell the same story…but from different perspectives. For two years I wrote and broadcast three mental health radio commentaries each week that addressed a wide range of personal and interpersonal issues. The 52 essays in the book were recognized to be the best of nearly 200 commentaries. The title; Everything Makes A Difference reflects my belief that everything we say or do makes a difference in the pattern of our lives – the choices we make, the views we espouse, and the directions we follow affect us and those in our world.

The Counselor & The Law: A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice (5th Edition)
Anne Marie “Nancy Wheeler & Burt Bertram

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A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice – is a book written for counselors in practice and graduates students in training. For many years I have been interested in and committed to communicating the importance of legal and ethical behavior and practice. Since the early 1990s, attorney, Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler and I have presented a seminar: The Legal Aspects of Counseling, to professional audiences all across America. Together we have made training tapes, CDs, and written extensively on the topic. The Counselor and the Law, published by the American Counseling Association, is our attempt to pull together the most important dimensions of a critically important and constantly evolving body of knowledge.

Articles of General & Professional Interest
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Constructive Confrontation (PDF format):
How to talk with someone about something difficult

Put Your Mind In Charge of Your Brain (PDF format):
Learning to say; thanks brain but not now

Managing Change in Yourself & Others (PDF format):
Moving from familiar and safe to new and different

The Troubled Department (PDF format):
Reversing the decline and rebuilding

Group Facilitation (PDF format):
Case examples

Defining Moments in Group Facilitation (PDF format):
Recognize, protect, and respond to the moment

Community Visioning (PDF format):
How one community changed their future

•  Books
- Everything Makes a Difference
- The Counselor and The Law: A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice
- Constructive Confrontation
- Put Your Mind In Charge of Your Brain
- Managing Change in Yourself & Others
- The Troubled Department
- Group Facilitation
- Defining Moments in Group Facilitation
- Community Visioning
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