Burt Bertram, Ed. D.

(Note: I have not read every book on this list – many have been recommended by other professionals and clients)

Attention Deficit Disorder

Driven to Distraction
- E.M. Hallowell & J. Refy


Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men: How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Anger
- Thomas J. Harbin

When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within
- Matthew McKay, Peter D. Rogers, Judith McKay

The Angry Self: A Comprehensive Approach to Anger Management
- Miriam M. Gottlieb

The Angry Book
- Theodore Issac Rubin

Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion
- Carol Tavris

Anxiety, Panic, and Stress Management

Hope and Help for Your Nerves
- Claire Weeks

The Phobia and Anxiety Workbook
- Edmund Bourne

Healing Fear: New Approaches to Overcoming Anxiety
Edmind Bourne

Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook
- Martha Davis, Matthew McKay, etc.

Overcoming Panic, Anxiety, & Phobias: New Strategies to Free Yourself from Worry and Fear
- Carol Goldman & Shirley Babior

Overcoming Anxiety: From Short-Term Fixes to Long-Term Recovery
- Reneau Z. Peurifoy

Peace From Nervous Suffering
- Claire Weeks

The Relaxation Response
- Herbert Benson, MD

An Easy Guide to Meditation
- Roy Eugene Davis

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook
- M. Davis, E. Eshelman & M. McKay

Coping With Stress in College
- Mark Rowh

Kicking Your Stress Habits
- Donald A. Tubesing

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life
- Jon Kabat-Zinn


When I Say No, I Feel Guilty
Manuel Smith

Asserting Yourself
- Sharon Anthony Bower & Gordon H. Bower

Assertive Option: Your Rights and Responsibilities
- Patricia Jakubowski

The Assertive Woman (A New Look)
- Stanlee Phelps & Nancy Austin

Your Perfect Right: A Guide to Assertive Living
- Robert Alberti & Michael Emmons


Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy
- David. Burns

Undoing Depression : What Therapy Doesn't Teach You and Medication Can't Give You
- Richard O'Connor

I Don’t Want To Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression
- Terrance Real

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability
- Mary Ellen Copeland

You Are Not Alone: Words of Experience and Hope for the Journey Through Depression
- Julia Thorne & Larry Rothstein

How to Heal Depression
- Harold Bloomfield & Peter McWilliams

Divorce & Mediation

The Divorce Handbook
- James Friedman

Florida Divorce Handbook (4 th Ed)
- Gerald Keane

A Guide to Divorce Mediation: How to Reach a Fair, Legal Settlement at a Fraction of the Cost
- Gary Friedmann, JD

Mediate Your Divorce: A Guide to Cooperative Custody, Property, and Support Agreements
- Joan Blades

My Kids Don’t Live with Me Anymore
- Doreen Virtue

Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life
- Abigail Trafford

Divorce & New Beginnings: A Complete Guide to Recovery, Solo Parenting, Co- Parenting, and Stepfamilies
- Genevieve Clapp

Drugs and Alcohol

Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism
- James Robert Miliam & Katherine Ketchem

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism (The “Big Book”)
- AA Services

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
- Alcoholics Anonymous

Living Sober
- AA Services

Buzzed: The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy
- Cynthia Kuhn, Scott Swartzwelder, etc.

Sober for Good : New Solutions for Drinking Problems -- Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded
- Anne M. Fletcher

Addictive Personality: Understanding Addiction and Compulsive Behavior
Craig Nakken

Educating Yourself About Alcohol and Drugs : A People's Primer
- Marc Alan Schuckit

Beyond the Influence: Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism
- Katherine Ketcham, William F. Asbury, etc.

Relationships & Interpersonal Awareness

Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high
- Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
- John Gottman

Couple’s Guide to Communication
- John M. Gottman

The Truth About Love
- Pat Love

Hot Monogamy
- Pat Love & Jo Robinson

Divorce Buster
- Michele Weiner-Davis

He’s Just Not That Into You
- Greg Behrendt

Dance of Anger: Woman’s Guide to Changing Patterns of Intimate Relationships
- Harriet Lerner

The Dance of Intimacy
- Harriet Lerner

The Couple’s Journey: Intimacy as a Path to Wholeness
- Susan M. Campbell

Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples
- Harville Hendrix

Keeping the Love You Find: A Guide For Singles
- Harville Hendrix

Communicating in Relationships: A Guide for Couples & Professionals
Frank D. Fincham, etc.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want
- Iyanla Vanzant

Passionate Attachments: Thinking About Love
- Willard Gaylin & Ethel Pearson

We Have To Talk
- Samual Shom & Janet Surrey

Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
- Roger Fisher & William Ury

Loss & Grieving

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
- Harold Kushner

How to Survive the Loss of a Love
- Melba Colgrove, Harold Bloomfield, & Peter McWilliams

Living Through Mourning: Finding Comfort and Hope When a Loved One Has Died
- Harriet Sarnoff Schiff

The Courage to Grieve
- Judy Tatelbaum

Living When a Loved One Has Died
- Earl A. Grollman

Necessary Losses
- Judith Viorst

On Death and Dying
- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

The Mourning Handbook : The Most Comprehensive Resource Offering Practical and Compassionate Advice on Coping With All Aspects of Death and Dying
- HelenFitzgerald

Personal Growth & Awareness

Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life By Telling the Truth
- Brad Blanton

The Road Less Traveled
- M. Scott Peck

The Feeling Good Handbook
- David Burns

Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life
- Martin Seligman

Mind Over Mood: A Cognitive Therapy Treatment Manual for Clients
- Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky

How to Win Friends and Influence People
- Dale Carnegie

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
- Stephen R. Covey

Emotional Intelligence : Why It Can Matter More Than IQ
- Daniel Goldman

The Resilience Factor: Seven Essential Skills for Overcoming Life’s Inevitable Obstacles
- Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatte

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