Burt Bertram, Ed. D.

Coaching is personalized one-on-one assistance designed to help individuals achieve important improvements or changes in their personal and/or professional life. People hire a Professional Coach for the same reason they hire a tennis or golf pro or a physical conditioning trainer ...because they want to improve their performance... and they know that a Coach will provide the structure, encouragement, skills and accountability that will facilitate the desired outcome. Hiring a Coach delivers a statement that you are serious about making improvements and/or changes in your life. Hiring a Coach will create a momentum of action and accountability that will get results. Coaching usually involves...

•   Identifying areas of improvement or change
Defining desired results
Setting realistic goals
Acquiring new skills
Receiving guidance and support
Realizing the improvement or change

Good coaching accents the positive...it helps you discover and more fully utilize your strengths so you can make the changes that are important to you. Coaching is fundamentally different than counseling because Coaching is built around identifying and encouraging strengths. There is little or no interest in exploring the past or assigning blame or shame. Coaching is about getting you unstuck and moving forward toward the realization of your goals.

Broadly speaking, Coaching assists people to improve themselves...in whatever area of life the person has decided they want to improve or change. Frequent focus areas for Coaching include:

Performance improvement
Career change
Lifestyle balancing
Interpersonal sensitivity
Leadership / managerial skills
Mid-life or mid-career reassessment

Whatever the focus, the process of coaching is similar . . . first, issues are identified and understood, the desired results defined, realistic goals set, new skills learned and practiced and then an accountability path established that will allow the person to track their progress toward completion. All along the way the Coach is there to guide, encourage and if necessary . . . challenge. Successful coaching rests upon a solid working relationship between client and coach. Once we agree to work together I recommend you commit to a minimum of three months of coaching - two hours per month. Coaching can occur face-to-face or over the phone or in my office. Coaching sessions are 30 or 60 minutes each. We can talk as often as necessary to support and encourage the accomplishment of your goals. We decide together what will work best for you.

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