Burt Bertram, Ed. D.

Nothing is more fun or more professionally rewarding than delivering a well-prepared seminar that fully engages the head and the heart of the participants. The feedback I have received for nearly 30 years is consistent. People describe my training and teaching style as "friendly, thought-provoking, practical, and humorous."

Seminars & Workshops
My seminar and workshop topics all center on knowing and getting along with your self and knowing and getting along with others. The twelve topics listed below reflect the most popular workshops and seminars that I have provided during the past 15-20 years. I am also happy to explore other topics areas or blending of topics to meet specific learning objectives. Most topics can be tailored to accommodate either half-day (3 hours) seminars or short (60-90 minute) presentations (lunch or short time slots).

Improving Interpersonal Effectiveness
•  Relationships are the cornerstone of human life and as such there is hardly a more enduringly interesting or complex topic than the ups and downs and twists and turns of human relationships. The state of our interpersonal relationships largely defines the quality of our lives as well as the productivity of our workplaces. Nearly everyone is interested in improving the quality and satisfaction of these basic human connections.
This presentation can be tailored to address personal or business relationship building. Whichever the focus, this is a hands-on, “how-to” presentation that will equip the audience with specific ideas, strategies, and skills that, if employed, will result in improved personal or business relationships. Woven through-out the presentation are stories and personal reflections that will bring a smile of recognition. Participants will leave this thought-provoking presentation encouraged to risk trying new approaches with problem relationships and inspired to reinvest in the health of the day-to-day relationships that we too often take for granted.
Dealing with Difficult People
Difficult people…or people who exhibit difficult behaviors are a fact of life. What makes difficult people tick? Is it possible to understand the inner thoughts and motivations of a person such that you can “help them become less difficult?” This seminar 1) reviews six classic difficult behaviors, 2) provides participants with strategies for dealing themselves when confronted with difficult behavior and, 3) presents a model for understanding what may be occurring with the difficult other such that the difficult person can be assisted to be “less difficult.”
Resolving Interpersonal Conflict
Misunderstanding and conflict are a natural part of all human relationships.
If the conflict is within the organization, in-groups and out-groups are formed for protection. People “hunker-down” and wait to see how it will all work out. When conflict is chronic, every relationship in the group becomes suspect. Strained and frayed relationships rob the organization of time, opportunities, creativity, and productivity. Career satisfaction, pride of accomplishment, and self esteem are additional casualties of unresolved conflict.
•   Such disabling conflict can occur at all levels. No one is immune. Owners, partners, senior/ junior executives, professionals, managers, supervisors, and line staff - all are capable of being a party to unresolved conflict. Organizations can only "live with it" so long. Eventually, the toll from unresolved conflict becomes too high. Something must be done!
In the workplace and in the neighborhood, interpersonal conflict is inevitable – this seminar outlines specific actions participants can initiate to de-escalate conflict and create an environment in which resolution of conflict is possible.
Lifestyle Balancing
For achievers life is a full-throttle experience! We live in a hurry-hurry "drive-thru" world of competitive demands and numbing change. In this environment it is easy for our lifestyles – our energy – and our attitudes to become out-of-balance.
Through this seminar participants will be invited to step back from themselves so they can gain a fresh perspective on their behaviors and attitudes. They will learn to identify, in themselves, the "early warning signs" of an out-of-balance lifestyle. Participants will learn the steps to take to regain their balance, as well as some practical skills and ideas for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.
Fast-paced and exciting, this seminar is appropriate for everyone! No one is immune to the stress and tension of constant demand and change. Participants will leave the seminar equipped to manage their energy, attitude and lifestyles more effectively.
Understanding Yourself & Others – The DiSC Profile
Few personality profiles provide as much insight into understanding yourself and others as does the Inscape DiSC Profile – this seminar utilizes the DiSC profile (short version for seminars of less than 2 hours) to give participants a serious (but smile-filled) look at their behavioral style. The seminar can be tailored to the setting – workplace behaviors, teamwork interaction, behavior in social groups, or family/couple behaviors.
Managing Your Time
Time is the great equalizer…no matter who you are…everyone only gets 24 hours per day. Most everyone is in search of the magic bullet of information – can I manage my time better so I never get behind and am never stressed or pressured. Life the Fountain of Youth…this magic time management bullet is completely fictional. This realistic seminar explores the habits, personal variables, and values that determine how we each choose to use time and how, with different choices, we can manage the time we get more effectively.
Times of Change & Transition
Everything appears in flux…change has become the norm! The champions of change exalt, "change is good!" but the real human beings who must accommodate the uncertainties and ambiguities of the transition between the old way and the new often feel run-over by a process they didn't ask for and, in many cases, don't see a need for. Yet, as we hurl into the next century the pace of change will only accelerate. Learning to manage ourselves during the change process is now an essential life management skill. This seminar provides participants with insights and strategies into managing the uncertainties and anxieties inherent during times of change and transition.
Workplace Teamwork
Remember your best-ever teamwork experience? Was it an athletic team or a military unit? Maybe it was in a band or choir. Perhaps it occurred when you were a member of a fraternity/sorority, community organization/club, or religious group? Maybe even, your best-ever team experience occurred at your current place of employment! What made that experience so memorable? What is the magic of effective teamwork?
Workplace teamwork is built on a covenant of trust and a deep commitment to accomplishing organizational excellence while maximizing personal career fulfillment. Teamwork flourishes in an interpersonal environment of Communication - Cooperation - Respect, where there is dedication, "even when it hurts" to the resolution of difficulties.
This high energy and practical presentation will give participants an opportunity to "lift the hood" of a team and explore the power-train dynamics of successful teamwork. Participants will have an opportunity to assess the functioning of their current workplace team as it relates to the Hierarchy of Team Functioning. Then, through the use of examples and stories, the eight essential and interactive components of Teamwork will be discussed.
Participants will leave this presentation with an outline of how to begin the team building process. Charged-up, participants will be ready to improve the functioning of their team.
Putting Your Mind in Charge of Your Brain
The Brain is real – it’s flesh and blood, comprised of 10 billion nerve cells and over 50 billion other cells. The Mind is real but it doesn’t exist in the flesh and blood as does the Brain – this seminar invites participants to consider giving the Mind executive control over the Brain so that you can operate your life from mindful-choice rather than brain-habit.
Aging… What to Expect and How to Expect the Best
The aging process is filled with truths, myths, and self-fulfilling prophesies – this seminar celebrates the truths, exposes the myths, and provides tips for creating a positive self-fulfilling prophesy that can help us create resilient life-engaged lifestyles.
Creating & Maintaining a Healthy Family
Nothing is more important or more difficult than creating and maintaining a healthy family – this very personal seminar invites participants of reflect upon the reality of their behavior as parents and spouses/partners and how those behaviors help to create and maintain a healthy family. The dimensions of health family relationships are explored including understanding the gifts and challenges provided by the past generations of family members, identifying and celebrating individual and family strengths and resiliency, and the concept of the “good enough parent.”
Dealing with Loss & Grief
Into every life there are times when we must deal with loss and grief…bad things happen to good people – this seminar explores the normal responses to grief, challenges the myths and misinformation, and provides realistic recommendations for dealing with the inevitability of grief and loss.
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