Burt Bertram, Ed. D.

Effective counseling (Individual, Couples, and Family) depends on the quality of the counselor-client relationship. As a client you should expect me to believe in you and your capacity to change and grow. You should also expect that I can be trusted with your confidences and that I will always strive to do what is in your best interest. (See the Informed Consent for specific confidentiality guidelines.)

My approach to counseling (individual, couples, family, and groups) is built around the following principles:

•  Counseling is Collaborative: Both you as the client and I as your counselor have responsibilities to make counseling successful. While results cannot be guaranteed, counseling is most successful when everyone does their part.
•  Counseling is Active: I will actively engage you in dialogue, offer perspectives and sometimes challenge your assumptions and/or your thinking. My expectation is that you will take risks, be honest, do assigned homework, work hard, and find the experience personally rewarding.
•  Counseling is Systemic: I believe that human beings are profoundly shaped by the family, social, and community systems in which we live and work. Counseling always takes into account and often involves some of the important people from these systems.
•  Counseling is Goal Directed: Most of the counseling work I do is short term. My approach involves helping clients identify the real issues; learn new and more effective ways of responding to the challenges in life; improve communication, and problem-solving with others – and do so as quickly as is responsible.

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